Workshop with Rebecca and Laura

Saturday 11. January 2020, 14:00-17:00 h in YogaBee

In this workshop we will bring the body and mind back into a state of inner balance and well-being through the use of yoga (asana and pranayama) and nutrition. What better time than right after Oktoberfest?

Many products and diets advertise the Detox promise, but what exactly does the term mean? Do we need special detox products and detox cures?

Together we will look into the question of how we can support our own body in a natural way with both yoga and nutrition in detoxification.

We will start the workshop with a yoga class focused on activating the kidneys and the lymphatic system. Following the yoga practice, we will have a closer look at the body’s own detoxification system and discuss how we can support it in everyday life with a healthy diet. Recipe ideas and samples are included.

This workshop is open for all levels – those just starting out with yoga as well as more advance practitioners.

55 € – please reserve your place in advance – thank you!  Online Reservation

Following the workshop you will have the opportunity to purchase a Standard 10-class card for the special rate of just 130 €.