Sound mind in a sound body

Stress reduction

Yoga reduces physical stress symptoms since it stimulates relaxation and reduces the concentration of the stress hormone, Cortisol. Apart form that, blood pressure and heart rate decrease, your digestion improves and your immune system gets stronger. Symptoms related to anxiety, depression, fatigue, asthma and insomnia are alleviated.

Pain relief

Yoga can relieve pain. Studies have proven that practicing yoga positions, meditation or a combination of both can alleviate problems related to immunodeficiency, high blood pressure, arthritis, back and neck pain and chronic disease, to name just a few. Yoga also helps remove persistent muscle tension.

Improved breathing

Yoga teaches you to breath more slowly and deeply. As a result, the lung function improves which in turn stimulates the body's own relaxation mechanisms and boosts your metabolism.

Increased flexibility

Yoga increases muscle and tendon flexibility and joint mobility and thus alleviates pain. Already after a short while your posture, poise and overall appearance will improve.

More energy

Yoga positions work every muscle in your body and help re-energize your body literally from head to toe.

Weight control

Even less dynamic types of yoga - thanks to reducing the stress hormone, Cortisol - can facilitate weight loss and long-term weight control. Yoga encourages healthy eating habits and increases body awareness and self-confidence.

Improved blood circulation

Yoga improves the blood flow since the body cells are supplied with more oxygen-rich blood. Your skin texture visibly improves and your skin becomes radiant.

Strengthened cardiovascular system

Even a gentle yoga practice can strengthen the cardiovascular system since the heart rate decreases while stamina and oxygen uptake improve.

Increased ability to focus on the present
Yoga helps focus on the present and enhance body perception.

Sound mind in a sound body

Yoga helps you attain physical and mental health. It improves the coordination of your limbs, positively affects your reaction to external physical and mental influences and strengthens your memory.