Workshop mit Whit Hornsberger (auf Englisch)

So. 29.03.2020, 13:00 — 16:00 Uhr

The ancient tradition of Yoga is a contemplative path, a meditative trek designed to remove the obstacles which obscure the true essence of who we are. The teachings expound that we are in fact infinitely more than meets the eye and it is this mis-identification (avidya) that is the cause of the suffering we experience in this life.

Traditionally, this voyage home towards our true selves requires a map – an order of practices applied daily to reach the fertile state of stillness capable of removing the veil of ignorance (avidya), uncovering the true nature of being.

This journey however is no walk in the park and is certainly fraught with obstacles we must overcome. Impeding the path to self-realization are the primordial energies of rajas and tamas (gunas). The preparatory practices of asana and pranayama (breathwork) are applied to ease their influence, support the development of stillness and clarity (sattva) and condition the vessel of the human body and mind for the internal contemplative practice of meditation.

Our time together will focus upon the Yoga-Sūtras and its philosophy of the true Self as pure awareness (purusa) and how rajas and tamas affect our ability to quiet the mind and connect with the infinite potential residing within.

This workshop will include the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation and is applicable and accessible to all levels of practitioner.

Whit Hornsberger (Vancouver, Canada) is a student and teacher of the wisdom traditions of Classical Yoga and Theravada Buddhism.

A former athlete, Whit found the path as a result of a career ending knee injury and the subsequent emotional and mental suffering inherent in losing one’s (supposed) self-identity and self-worth. His daily practice and teaching methods stem from the traditional practices of Vinyasa Krama (Krishnamacharya) and Buddhist meditation (Mahasi Sayadaw). A passionate advocate of traditional teachings, Whit expounds the ancient wisdom of these lineages in a relevant manner, making them readily accessible to students at every stage of the path.

A lover of surf, travel and nature, Whit teaches internationally, offering classes, international workshops, retreats and trainings.

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