Workshop with Horacio

Sunday 27. October, 13:00-16:00 h

Let yourself be carried away in this three-hour workshop by the magic of the sound of music and nature. It is proven that sound harmony accelerates the recovery and healing of diseases, helps to reduce stress, improves blood circulation, stimulates neurons and increases creativity. Through music we can find our center and our balance again.

In this workshop Horacio will play the hang, the drums and other percussion instruments to create the effects described.

We will also try a musical meditation of ancient Mexico with drums and visualizations. Certain mental images will be described so that the participants can project them in a concentrated and imaginative way.

Finally, we will explore the ability to find a personal rhythm that makes us resonate with nature creating a meditative state. We will develop a rhythm as a group and every participant will contribute playing an instrument. You can bring your own percussion instrument. Horacio will provide one in case that you do not have any.

55 € – please reserve your place in advance – thank you!  Online Reservation

Following the workshop you will have the opportunity to purchase a Standard 10-class card for the special rate of just 130 €.