Workshop mit Rebecca

If you are anything like me, back bending is not something that comes naturally easy. While others were standing up from drop-backs and grabbing their ankles after just a few years of yoga practice, Urdhva Danurasana (and all the other related postures) has been a true journey for me.

For years I believed that this posture was meant to hurt, that pain in the lower back was simply part of the posture. Because of the pain I felt each time I practiced Urdhva Danurasana, I developed something of a sense of dread or fear in my practice leading up to this posture. It was only after many years of practice and talking with others about how they experience the posture that I have learned how to practice in way that has made Urdhva Danurasana accessible and even enjoyable to practice.

Urdhva Danurasana or the Wheel has the nickname “Backbend.” While from outside observation, this may seem like a fitting name for the posture, this nickname tends to give a false impression of what is actually taking place in this asana.

In fact Urdhva Danurasana could really take one of the following nicknames: “hip opener”, “shoulder opener” or “heart opener.” Contrary to what the nickname “backbend” insinuates, this posture is truly about opening the front line of the body.   Tightness in the shoulders, hips, psoas and quads can lead to pain and difficulty when practicing Urdhva Danurasana.

It is for this reason, that Urdhva Danurasana is placed towards the end of an asana practice, when the body has been warmed up, the hips and shoulder opened and the spine elongated. Still, having said this, the way in which the postures leading up to Urdhva Danurasana are practiced can have a major effect on the openness and comfort of this sometimes challenging posture.

In this three-hour workshop we will explore not only Urdhva Danurasana but the postures leading up to it and how to best practice them in a way that prepares the body and mind for this asana. We will use the ashtanga primary series as the basis for this workshop, dabbling with selected asanas from the intermediate series.

This workshop is geared towards those who have an established yoga practice.

50 € – bitte mit Voranmeldung – vielen Dank!

Im Anschluss an den Workshop gibt es die Möglichkeit, eine Standard 10-er Karte für den spezial Preis von 130 Euro zu kaufen.