WORKSHOPS with Julia Kannewischer

Your organs influence all (physical, emotional, mental) processes, which are taking place in your body. In the ORGANIC YOGA workshops you’re deepening your understanding of these processes anatomically as well as energetically. Focussing on one concrete organ you will learn to support it in its function and energy flow through yogic movement practice, conscious use of breath and profound attention.

Duration per workshop: 3h (break included)

Content: Theory, Self-Reflection, Practice

12. January  2019       KIDNEYS – Die Nieren
2. February 2019        LIVER – Die Leber
23. February 2019     LUNGS – Die Lungen
23. March 2019           HEART – Das Herz

Workshops can be booked individually for 55 € each, or as a workshop series – all four workshops for 180 €.  Please reserve your place in advance – Online Registration

KIDNEYS – Samstag 12. Januar, 14:00-17:00 Uhr

Stress management for your kidneys – because yes, they are quite involved in the process of stress, react sensitively to it and try to deal with it, whilst trying to be a source of energy. Learn how to re-energise them through radical self-care and introspection.

LIVER – Samstag 2. Februar, 14:00-17:00 Uhr

The liver is impulsive. The liver is jumping with joy, screaming with anger, vibrant with excitement. Connect with the beautiful character of your liver, which can be a source of willpower, self-confidence and joy of life. Allow yourself a feeling of freedom, carelessness and celebrate the present moment.

LUNGS – Samstag 23. Februar, 14:00-17:00 Uhr

Working with the lungs goes under the skin, works your intestines, expands and releases simultaneously. The lungs supply your entire organism with oxygen, a fundamental form of energy – what in return can you do for them? How are your thinking patterns and movement habits connected to the first of all movements: the breath?

HEART – Samstag 23. März, 14:00-17:00 Uhr

Love and other emotions are for sure a heart-felt matter. But this is not the whole story. Through the warm heart energy you can access clearer vision, detach from what is not serving you anymore and centre yourself in the essence of your spirit. Find back to the simplicity of what truly matters to you.

ABOUT ME from Julia Kannewischer


Through teaching + performance I transform energy within me and other people, as well as the space – which creates community, healing, awakening to the self + knowledge of its physical body, growth and progress.


Movement has always been a tool for me to express and articulate myself. Through yoga it also became a tool to heal physical + emotional pain, recover from depression and comfort myself as I am walking along the path of a professional dancer. Refining the ability to articulate my body refines my ability to express myself.

All movement material and teaching, which is passing through me, enriches my teaching.

I started dancing at the age of 5 in the TanzAtelierZug, where I took classes in ballet, jazz and modern dance throughout my childhood and teenage years, and where I also collected my first teaching experiences. After graduation from Kantonsschule Zug 2011, I did my professional dance education in Copenhagen, Munich and Kassel (2011-2015). The following two seasons 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 I was working full-time as a dancer in the contemporary dance company ‘Divadlo Studio Tanca’ in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

During my time in Munich, I discovered yoga and practiced intensely, which led me to establish my own daily practice, a constant in my life ever since.

When I was living in Slovakia, I was teaching regular ballet classes. It was also during those two years, when I started teaching yoga, (for the dance company, private classes), which led to the decision to finally do my yoga teacher certification (200h Yoga Alliance Certification) at Yoga Beach House in June 2017, which then spilled me into the journey of teaching yoga in different contexts and formats.

When I took the decision to pursue the carrier of a professional dancer, I didn’t realise, that I also set myself up on a journey of profound exploration of my own body. Throughout the years I widened my knowledge about different ways of stretching and strengthening in order to develop my physicality, as I hadn’t been born overly flexible. It has been and still is a path of individual research, strong-minded discipline and most of all continuing interest in the human anatomy. The discovery of yoga opened up a whole new world of possibilities in physical and mental progress to me, which didn’t only match my personality, but has been supporting me on my path as a dancer ever since.

Having a long history of depression and anxiety yoga paired with a pure and healthy lifestyle has so far been the most effective tool for an on going process of healing and the elevation of my energy levels.

October 2018