Don’t worry – be happy – kids yoga

Kids yoga means: movement, laughter, relaxation, self awareness and letting go in a safe environment.

The class is designed to empower children by helping them build self-confidence, respect others and develop an awareness for their own body.

Our yoga courses are for kids aged  6 – 12 years.  We will learn yoga postures and breathing/relaxation techniques. As we progress over the weeks we will dive deeper into learning more advanced yoga postures. A welcoming ritual opens every class, followed by a yoga warm up game. We might go on a fantasy adventure by playfully integrating different yoga poses (asanas). The sun salutation is obligatory as well as yoga partner poses. The final relaxation (shavasana) is an integral part of the class to relax and let go.

Every class is a unique experience for your kids. The class will be held partly in English and German. No pre-language skills necessary.

Further information:

Kids aged 3-12
no classes during school holidays
Duration: 45 minutes

Course for Kids 6-12 years old (Wednesday 16:15-17:00 h): 18. September – 23. Oktober 2019, 6x, 54 € please reserve your place in advance, Online Reservation

Trial class possible – 12 €, Drop-In class – 12 €