Workshop with Rebecca am Saturday 23. November, 14:00-17:00 h

Often the hips feel blocked or closed.  This is because we usually move the muscles in the hips, groins and backside of the body in uni-dimensional direction.  We spend a majority of our time in sitting – at the computer, at the office, in our cars, on the sofa.  Even our toilets are set up to support this uni-dimensional movement.  As a result the psoas, the muscle responsible for flexion in the hips, becomes tight and weak, further reducing multi-dimensional movement in the hips.

As a result the hips become tight and even painful, often causing tightness in other parts of the body.

The focus of this workshop are asanas (physical postures), which increase flexibility and openness in the hips, groins and backside of the body.  We will begin by warming the muscles of the hips, then working to strengthen and stretch them.  You will learn how to correctly use yoga props, so that you are able to practice the asana, even if your hips are not yet very flexible.  Additionally we will learn several pranayama (breath work techniques) which help in letting go of held tension in the body.

Regardless if you have been practicing yoga for a long time, or if you just started – the workshop is for everyone!

55 €, places are limited – please sign up in advance  Online Anmeldung

Following the workshop you will have the opportunity to purchase a Standard 10-class card for the special rate of just 130 €.