Backbend Workshop with Sasha

Saturday 1. April, 15-18 h

YogaBee is happy to welcome guest teacher Suchavadee Chalermwongsavej, otherwise known as Sasha, again to YogaBee.  This time she will be teaching a Backbending Workshop  – open for all levels.

Do you find backbends challenging and a little scary?

In fact, when done correctly, backbends are indeed one of the most rejuvenating and therapeutic asanas!

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Yin meets Kundalini

Workshop with Damaris

Sunday 9. April 2017, 13-16 h in  YogaBee

In diesem Workshop schaffen wir ein Verbindung zwischen der KUNDALINI und YIN YOGA Praxis, die beide die Reinigung und Aktivierung unserer Meridiane oder Nadis (=Energieleitbahnen) sowie unserer Chakren (“Energieräder” entlang der Wirbelsäule) im Körper als eines der Hauptziele haben.

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New health insurance courses starting in April

We are now taking registration for the following health insurance courses – sign up now to reserve your place.

  • Hatha Yoga – Sunday 19:00-20:30 h with Christine – 5.4 – 25.6.17 (10x, 150 €)
  • Pre-Natal Yoga – Thursday 18:00-19:15 h with Christine – 6.4 – 1.6.17 (8x, 120 €)

The public health insurance companies reimburse up to 100 % of the course fees be completing 80 % or more of this course.   For more information send us an email ( or contact your health insurance company directly.

Happy Hips

Workshop with Nella on Saturday 29. April, 15-18 h

In this workshop we will work in both a soft, yet intensive way to open the hips.

Often the hips feel blocked or closed.

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Yoga and Mindfullness – keeping calm during difficult times

Workshop with Doris Iding

Sunday 07.05.2017 from 13:00-16:00 h in YogaBee

Achtsam zu sein, heißt offen und wertfrei im gegenwärtigen Moment zu sein. Dies ermöglicht uns besonders während der Yogapraxis unseren Wesenskern zu erfahren und eine tiefe Verbindung mit dem Leben zu erfahren.

Unsere Fähigkeit zur ungeteilten Aufmerksamkeit dessen, was gerade ist, ist ein sehr kraftvoller Aspekt unseres ursprünglichen Wesenskern. Achtsamkeit macht es uns überhaupt erst einmal möglich, unser Selbst zu erkennen. Sie ist auch der Schlüssel für mehr Harmonie mit uns selbst und unserer Umwelt.

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Heart Fire

Workshop with Teresa

Saturday 20 May, 15-18 h in YogaBee

This workshop is all about igniting and tending to our heart fire. In many cultures the heart defines the location of our passion and desire for life. It also plays a vital role in Yoga and its traditions.

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New Kids Yoga Course starting 8. March

Wednesday from 17:00-18:00 h

Yoga encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that´s noncompetitive. More infos…

As a course 8 March  – 5 April (5 weeks / 47,50 €) or Drop-In 12 €, Trial class 8 €


Email Problem

We are currently experiencing problems with our emails.  Over the past week and a half several people have informed us, that our emails were suddenly sent to the junk mail.  If you are waiting for an answer from us, please look in your junk mail box – it is highly possible that the email is there.  Although we are not certain of the cause, we have been told that this could be a result of a higher junk mail filter from your internet provider.  It was recommended that you simply put our email address into your email address book, so that your computer continues to recognise us. Thank you!


Yoga Retreat with Rebecca in Southern Italy

La Rosa dei 4 Venti

Martina Franca, Italy

Sign up now and receive 100 € discount*

September 2 – September 9, 2017

Everyone comes to yoga with his or her own personal history as well as an individual body.  Everything that is alive develops and changes in each moment.

With this in mind, our yoga practice is based upon the unique needs and potentialities of each individual.   Rather than trying to fit our bodies and lives into the perfect image of yoga, we use the yoga practices to support us and to help us to grow as individuals.

For Rebecca, yoga is a journey – a way to better know oneself and to approach the adventure of life with courage and curiosity.

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Yoga Retreat in southern Italy

Saturday 2. September – Saturday 9 September 2017

Early Booking Discount extended until February 28!

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