Pre-Natal Yoga today in YogaBee

Today, August 18th, the 16:30 h Pre-Natal class will take place in YogaBee (not in the Geburtshaus.)

Open Air Update

With sunshine and about 20 yogis and yoginis we took in an additional 153 € in donation for Refugio today during the open air class.  Many thanks to all who participated!

In total we have collected 854,40 € in in donations this year.

Please join us again next week for a class with Marah on Sunday 25. August from 9:30-10:30 am in Bavaria Park/ YogaBee.

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Stay relaxed and stress-free (quick stress release 2)

Workshop with Ruthi

Saturday 19. September, 14:00-17:00 Uhr

Are you often stressed? Do you get overwhelmed by just thinking about your To-Do list? Does it block you or slow you down?

In our last stress release workshop we learned about the physiological and neurological stress response. We also learned several fast and easy stress release techniques. In this workshop we will dive more into the practice. After an asana practice intended to release and relax, we will practice in depth some of the stress release techniques. New techniques will also be introduced.

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Happy Hips

Workshop with Rebecca am Sunday 29. September, 13:00-16:00 h

Often the hips feel blocked or closed.  This is because we usually move the muscles in the hips, groins and backside of the body in uni-dimensional direction.  We spend a majority of our time in sitting – at the computer, at the office, in our cars, on the sofa.  Even our toilets are set up to support this uni-dimensional movement.  As a result the psoas, the muscle responsible for flexion in the hips, becomes tight and weak, further reducing multi-dimensional movement in the hips.

As a result the hips become tight and even painful, often causing tightness in other parts of the body.

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Open Air on 18. August

Regardless of weather, the Open Air class will take place with Julia on Sunday August 18th, 09:30 – 10:30 am. If it rains, we meet in the studio, otherwise in the park.

The class is on a donation basis – all proceeds will go to Refugio, an organization working with refugees locally here in Munich.  This year we have once again set our goals at 2000 €  – please help us to meet this goal!

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Pre-Natal Yoga – health insurance course – sign up now just a few places remaining

We currently have places just a few free remaining for the following pre-natal yoga course:

  • Thursday, 17:30-18:45 h in YogaBee.  Course : 8.8. – 26.09.19 (8x, 128 €)

Please reserve your place in advance – Online Registration or Email Rebecca

New course in YogaBee – Ashtanga Basic 2 health insurance course

Following many requests, we are happy to offer an Ashtanga Basic health insurance course 2.  The Ashtanga Basic 2 course is a continuation of the Ashtanga Basic course.  Completion of the Ashtanga Basic course is a prerequisite for attending the Ashtanga Basic course 2.

Course: Thursday 20:30-21:45 h, 19. 09 -28.11.2019, 10x, 160 €, please reserve your place in advance – online – thank you

Registration starting August 13th.

Post Birth Course with Baby – new course starting in September – sign up now

We are currently taking reservations for the next post-birth course starting in September.  Course 10.09.19 – 5.11.19 (no class on 22.10) with Julia on Tuesday from 10:00-11:15 h in YogaBee.  (Taught in German, additional instruction in English as needed).  Please reserve your place in advance – online registration.

More Infos

Kids Yoga – new courses starting in September

Kids yoga means: movement, laughter, relaxation, self awareness and letting go in a safe environment.

The class is designed to empower children by helping them build self-confidence, respect others and develop an awareness for their own body.

Starting in September we will offer two courses:

  • For kids 3 – 6 years, Wednesday, 15:15-16:00 h,  Course: 18.09 – 23.10.2019, 6x, 54 €, Drop-In 12 €
  • For kids 7 – 12 years, Wednesday, 16:15-17:00 h, Course: 18.09 – 23.10.2019, 6x, 54 €, Drop-In 12 €

Please reserve your place in advance Online Reservation

Drop-In 12 €, Trial class 12 €


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