AshtangaYoga is a traditional, dynamic form of yoga. While many of the asanas (postures) are the same as those found in other forms of yoga, in Ashtanga, they are joined together through vinyasa or specific steps in which breath and movement are synchronized. As a result the asanas are practiced in a fluid sequence, resulting in increased internal heat and purifying sweat, which in turn help to detoxify the body. Other benefits include a strong body, peaceful mind and a calm soul.

The Ashtanga Basic class is a slower and more detailed version of the regular Ashtanga classes.  Ideal for yoga beginners, those new to the ashtanga practice, as well as those wishing to deepen their practice though better understanding of the ashtanga system.  Each week will have a slightly different focus, helping to build up the practice over time.

Ashtanga Yoga Opening and Closing Mantra

Monday and Wednesday classes are open classes – please attend using your 10 class card or on a drop-in basis

Ashtanga Basic Health insurance course – Thursday 19:00-20:15 h – with prior reservation only

New starting on 19. September – Ashtanga Basic 2 – Health Insurance Course. This course is a continuation of the Ashtanga Basic Course.  The Ashtanga Basic Course is a prerequisite for the Ashtanga Basic 2 Course.  (Registration starting on 20. August 2019.)

  • Course: 11. July – 12. September 2019, 10x, 160 €, Please reserve your place in advance, Waiting List
  • Course: 19. September – 28. November 2019 (no class on 3.10), 10x, 160 €, Please reserve your place in advance (registration starting 20 August 2019)
  • Course: 5. December – 20. February 2020 (no class on 26.12 and on 2.1) – registration starting 24 October

It is possible to take this class as a health insurance course.  Courses run 10 weeks and cost 155 euros.  Depending upon your health insurance provider, up to 75% of the course fee will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the course.  (The minimum required number of classes is 8 from 10, or 80% of the course.)   Those interested in applying for the health insurance reimbursement, need to sign up online in advance of starting the course.  Letters for the health insurance company can be picked up on or after the last class of the course.  Thank you for your understanding.


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