Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional, dynamic form of yoga. While many of the asanas (postures) are the same as those found in other forms of yoga, in Ashtanga, they are joined together through vinyasa or specific steps in which breath and movement are synchronized. As a result the asanas are practiced in a fluid sequence, resulting in increased internal heat and purifying sweat, which in turn help to detoxify the body. Other benefits include a strong body, peaceful mind and a calm soul.

Mysore is the traditional self practice form of Ashtanga Yoga. During a Mysore class, students receive one-on-one assistance in the form of adjustments and advice from the teacher–just like a private lesson. Through the Mysore practice, students are able to develop a self-practice, within their own breath rhythm, enabling them to decide tempo and intensity, as the best preparation for their own yoga practice at home.

Mysore is perfect for both beginners and those with more yoga experience. Taught in both English and German.

Important: For students with little or no previous experience in Ashtanga it is strongly recommended that they attend the Ashtanga Basic classes on Monday and / or Thursday evening, or the Mysore class on Thursday morning, before attending the Mysore class on Tuesday evening.  Thank you!

The first Tuesday of the month is an “instructional led” class where we take a closer look at the asanas.  On the remaining Tuesdays we practice in Mysore style.

On-Line Reservation

Remaining  places are on a “first come, first served basis.”

New to YogaBee?  Feel free to take the first class as a trial class for just 12 €.  We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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