Workshop with Benedetta (in English)

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Often mentioned in yoga classes, spiritual talks and social media, chakras are described as energy wheels within the body… But as for most things we cannot see, they are mysterious and it is not so easy to fully understand what they are and what their function is.

If you are also curious and confused about the chakras, then this workshop is for you. In this workshop we will explore the ancient system of chakras to understand our body’s subtle energies and the way these govern our health and emotions.
We will also learn about colors, mantras, crystals, elements and asanas, and how these can be associated to the seven main chakras through a full practice that will leave you balanced and energized.

55 € – bitte mit Voranmeldung – vielen Dank!  Online Anmeldung

Im Anschluss an den Workshop gibt es die Möglichkeit, eine Standard 10-er Karte für den spezial Preis von 130 Euro zu kaufen.