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Stay relaxed and stress-free (quick stress release 2)

Workshop with Ruthi

Saturday 21. September, 14:00-17:00 Uhr

Are you often stressed? Do you get overwhelmed by just thinking about your To-Do list? Does it block you or slow you down?

In our last stress release workshop we learned about the physiological and neurological stress response. We also learned several fast and easy stress release techniques. In this workshop we will dive more into the practice. After an asana practice intended to release and relax, we will practice in depth some of the stress release techniques. New techniques will also be introduced.

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Akash – Exploring indefinite space with Yoga

Workshop with Teresa

Saturday 29. June, 14:00-17:00 h – there are still a few places remaining for this workshop – please sign up online or come 15 minutes prior to the workshop in the studio – we look forward to seeing you there!

YogaBee is pleased to welcome Teresa back for a wonderful workshop!

Akash (space) is always present, borderless, empty, yet encompasses all.

Let’s discover how this element can enrich our life.

Do you allow yourself to occupy space? Are there boundaries you feel need to be more defined?
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Workshop with Benedetta (in English)


Often mentioned in yoga classes, spiritual talks and social media, chakras are described as energy wheels within the body… But as for most things we cannot see, they are mysterious and it is not so easy to fully understand what they are and what their function is.

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Let the sunshine in – Yin and Yang with Klang is back in YogaBee!

Workshop with Damaris und Inga

Sunday 31. March, 13:00-16:00 h – just a few places remaining!

The sun is back: and with it we welcome Damaris and Inga for their well-loved Yin and Yang with Klang Workshop in YogaBee! Spring begins on March 20 – we will celebrate the renewal of nature, the coming warmth and the healing sun on Sunday March 31 from 13-16 h.  The topics for this workshop include – a melting yin sequence and powerful, fire exercises with Damaris for the heart and small intestine meridians, warming yang asanas and  deeply moving mantras with Inga.  Not to be missed – THE Yin and Yang with Klang hit – Surya Namaskar, sun salutations , accompanied by drum and voice.  To top it off, the workshop include stories from Indian  mythology – the sun gods,  Surya and Savriti and a very special mantra that we will all sing together.

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Boost your immunity! Yoga and the immune system

Workshop with Ruth Adam and Rebecca Sadler (workshop in English)

Saturday 6. April, 14:00-17:00 h – there are still a few places remaining – please sign up online or come 15 minutes before the workshop – we look forward to seeing you there!

We all know that reducing stress, doing sports and eating well keep us healthy. But how is stress actually related to fighting disease? Can yoga protect us against the winter-flu?

In this workshop we will learn about the immune system and its subtypes as well as the inflammation process and the gut bacteria. We will then review the relationship between stress, the immune system and yoga practice.

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Breath in, breath out

Pranayama Workshop with Susanne

cancelled on 9. March due to illness – a new date to follow

Our breathing is coming and going, always there, but mostly without our awareness. Even in the yoga practice we sometimes forget to feel our breath, the quality, the depth, … yes, we are going in and out of poses with our breath, but do you really feel your breath? And what is the difference between the breathing in a warrior or in down dog? Do we have control of our breathe? Do we want it?

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Moving into Mysore

Two day Workshop with Rebecca – completely full

Saturday 9. February and Sunday 10. February 2019, from 13:30-16:00 h on each day

Have you been practicing yoga for some time now?  Or are you new to yoga?  Would you like to take your practice to the next level – to deepen and develop your practice?   Would you like to learn a yoga practice that you can also do at home or when traveling?  Then ashtanga mysore yoga is for you!

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New Years Resolutions!? We can help you!

20% off our standard 10-class cards!(good for 5 months for all yoga classes in YogaBee / Geburtshaus)

Sale  online  or in YogaBee – Promocode: WeLoveYogaBee2019!

Do to a technical problem, the online code was not working yesterday – we are very sorry about this – the code should be working now.   If you experience any problems, please contact Rebecca:-)

Hurry – Sale ends Sunday, January 6th!

New Beginnings

Reframing and letting go – setting the intention for 2019

Workshop with Rebecca

1. January 2019, 15:00-17:00 h

Through a combination of mediation, mindfulness and dynamic yoga, we will take time to set the intention for this new year.   Grounded in the present moment, we will use reflection and contemplation to help let go of the old – making space for the new.  All levels welcome.

25 € – Please reserve your place in advance

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