Workshop mit Ruth Adam und Rebecca Sadler auf Englisch

Samstag 6. April, 14:00-17:00 Uhr – es gibt noch einige Plätze frei – melde dich bitte online an, oder komm einfach 15 Minuten vor dem Workshop vorbei – wir freuen uns auf dich!

We all know that reducing stress, doing sports and eating well keep us healthy. But how is stress actually related to fighting disease? Can yoga protect us against the winter-flu?

In this workshop we will learn about the immune system and its subtypes as well as the inflammation process and the gut bacteria. We will then review the relationship between stress, the immune system and yoga practice.

Open questions where more research is needed will also be discussed.

The workshop will include related practices.


­Dr. Ruth Adam (Ruthi) is a neuroscientist and a yoga teacher (500 hours, Yoga Alliance). She holds a master degree in Cognitive Science and a Ph.D. in Neuroscie­­nce. She was the lead investigator in research projects examining attention and emotion processing in the brain at the Max-Planck-Institute, University of Heidelberg and the University Hospital of Munich (LMU). She teaches active-yet-grounding vinyasa-flow as well as relaxation and stress-release classes, all with humor and joy. She is committed to using scientific knowledge to better understand the practice of yoga.

Rebecca Sadler M.Sc., studied bachelor of neuroscience at the University of Manchester (UK) and Karolinska Institutet (Sweden). She is now completing her PhD at the Institute of Stroke and Dementia Research (LMU, Munich). Her current research focuses on the relationship between the gut microbiota and brain inflammation. She is also a passionate practitioner of yoga.

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