Workshop with Whit Hornsberger (in English)

Saturday, 28.03.2020, 16:00 — 19:00 h

The development of prowess in our posture practice is available to each of us every time we step onto the mat, regardless of experience.

In a world obsessed with body image and a contemporary yoga culture that worships the external image of the asana, accomplishment in asana (asana siddhi) has very little to do with what the posture looks like on the outside.

Traditionally, proficiency or mastery of asana (asana siddhi) is not determined by the degree of flexibility, strength displayed or physical depth reached within the posture. Rather, mastery of asana is resolutely about the balance of effort and the disposition of the breath and nervous system within.

Combining the wisdom of Patañjalis Yoga-Sūtras, traditional perspectives of the practice and Western anatomical and bio-mechanical principles we will experientially learn how all of us can develop asana siddhi and become asana masters.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Whit Hornsberger (Vancouver, Canada) is a student and teacher of the wisdom traditions of Classical Yoga and Theravada Buddhism.

A former athlete, Whit found the path as a result of a career ending knee injury and the subsequent emotional and mental suffering inherent in losing one’s (supposed) self-identity and self-worth. His daily practice and teaching methods stem from the traditional practices of Vinyasa Krama (Krishnamacharya) and Buddhist meditation (Mahasi Sayadaw). A passionate advocate of traditional teachings, Whit expounds the ancient wisdom of these lineages in a relevant manner, making them readily accessible to students at every stage of the path.

A lover of surf, travel and nature, Whit teaches internationally, offering classes, international workshops, retreats and trainings.

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