Benedetta is an E-RYT 200 / RYT 500 multi-style yoga teacher and forever student from Italy.
She went to her first yoga class in Shanghai in 2010 as a way to de- stress from her busy work and never looked back.  She fell in love with the empowering and calming properties of the practice and with the sense of community that it creates.

“Yoga is my rock, a way to better connect with myself and with others and I feel honored to share this wonderful gift with my students.
In my class expect creative sequences, clear instructions, strong focus on alignment and to break a sweat… and a laugh”.

Bene just relocated to Munich after 10 years in Asia and can teach in English, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

Benedetta teaches the Vinyasa Yoga class on Wednesday evening in YogaBee.


From childhood on, Christine has loved dancing and working with the body.  During her studies of Social Sciences, Christine moved to Munich in 1992 where she then first worked for a number of years in the Television industry.  Due to a personal stroke of fate, Christine discovered yoga over eight years ago with the hopes of learning to better deal with stress in her own life.

Already in her first yoga class, she had the feeling of coming „Back to the Roots“ and despite her initial inner resistance to certain relaxation techniques, she immediately felt that yoga had much more to offer her.  Through the connection to the heart and self, and with the help of the breath, Christine began her new journey.  Through yoga she has learned to recognize and accept personal limits.  In particular she has found it useful to learn how to follow and to observe her thoughts and the resulting feelings.

Despite her initial doubt, Christine eventually came to understand that yoga is her path.  With the desire to pass knowledge along this practice to others, Christine began her yoga teachers training with Albert Dennenwaldt in 2011 in the tradition of  Sri T.Krishnamacharyas, Sri T.K.V. Desikachar and R. Sriram (Hatha Yoga.)

Christine teaches the Hatha Yoga class on Sunday evening as well as the Pre-Natal and Ashtanga Basic Yoga classes on Thursday evening in YogaBee.


Daisy is half English, half Italian, and has only recently moved to Munich. She was first introduced to the world of yoga whilst studying in Manchester (UK) in 2010 where she enrolled on a ten-week Ashtanga course. Even this short time brought about changes in her body and mind that made her fall in love with what yoga has to offer.

For the last three years, Daisy has been living in north-east China where her passion for the practice has truly grown. Her time in Asia inspired her to travel to Mysore and ultimately led her to later complete a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training.

Daisy believes that yoga has given her the tools to deal with stressful situations in life, to understand herself better and to therefore have a better connection with others. As a teacher, her aim is to provide her students with an opportunity to grow and develop on their own personal paths.

Daisy teaches the Early Bird class on Tuesday morning and the Ashtanga Basic class on Wednesday morning in YogaBee.  Daisy teaches in English.


„We don’t use our body
to get into the pose,
We use the pose
to get into our body.”

Bernie Clark in Yin Yoga

Den Mensch im Fokus, auf seine Bedürfnisse eingehen, ihn unterstützen, seine Selbstheilungsprozesse und –fähigkeiten zu entdecken und zu aktivieren, Krafträume schaffen im Inneren und Äußeren, unaufhörlich zu lernen vom Leben, der Natur und den Menschen und zurück zu geben an das Universum, die Menschen und an Sie selbst, das sind Schlüsselziele, welche Damaris für Ihr Leben und Ihr Tun definiert hat.

Vor 20 Jahren kam Damaris das erste Mal in Berührung mit Yoga und seitdem hat es sie nicht mehr losgelassen. Viele Yogastile und Lehrer haben ihre Praxis begleitet und sie inspiriert bis sie sich Mitte 2013 einen persönlichen Traum erfüllen und in Mexico @ Yandara ihre erste eigene Yogalehrerausbildung absolvieren konnte.

Eine Fortgeschrittene Yogalehrerausbildung in Indien sowie viele Intensivworkshops und Weiterbildungen haben seitdem ihr Wissen speziell im Yin Yoga abgerundet, ein Stil, der sie durch seine sanfte Intensivität und Fokussierung nach innen begeistert und ihr so auf unerwartete Weise den Weg zur inneren Mitte zeigte.

Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit in sich selbst zu finden, um so den Herausforderungen des Alltags mit voller Kraft und entspanntem Gleichmut zu begegnen sowie an seinen eigenen Verhaltensmustern und Denkweisen zu arbeiten, stehen bei Ihren Stunden im Vordergrund. Dabei ermutigt Sie Ihre Schüler, die Kommunikation auf der Körperebene zu finden bzw. wieder aufzunehmen oder auszubauen und so den Lehrer und Heiler in sich selbst zu entdecken.

Damaris praktiziert außerdem seit 2015 die Vipassana Meditation in der Tradition von S.N. Goenke, ist Ernährungsberaterin und speziell ausgebildet in der Marmapunkte Massage. Wenn Sie nicht gerade Yoga unterrichtet oder selbst praktiziert, berät Sie als Innenarchitektin auch noch Firmen bezüglich deren ganzheitlicher zukunftsweisender Arbeitsplatzkonzepte, in denen der Mensch im Fokus steht.

Damaris teaches the Gentle Yoga and Yin yoga classes on Friday in YogaBee.


“Where does yoga get you? You have moved away from yourself and yoga brings you back to yourself. That is all”. (T.K.V. Desikachar)

The quote sums up well how I experience yoga. Through the conscious connection of body, breath, mind and soul we can find access to our power – to unfold it, to stimulate self-healing processes and to get clarity about who we are, what we need and what we want. True to the idea that yoga practice adapts to people and not vice versa, I would like to support my students in developing awareness for their own needs.

I myself started yoga in my youth after an appendectomy due to persistent abdominal pain. Thanks to the various exercises, the discomfort finally subsided. I was also fascinated by philosophy from the very beginning and discovered the teachings of Ayurveda for myself. However, some years passed before I took the step to become a yoga teacher …

After my cultural studies, I finally decided on a two-year yoga teacher training course in the tradition of Swami Sivananda, which was followed by various further training courses, for example in personal training, yoga therapy and business yoga. Since I have lived in Munich, I have continued to train in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar.

As a yoga teacher, the holistic view of the human being is particularly important to me: in addition to postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation also play important roles. I also include hints about a healthy lifestyle as well as spiritual approaches in my lessons. When I am not teaching yoga, I work as an editor and lecturer and complete training in Gestalt and Body Therapy.

Isabel teaches the Vinyasa class on Wednesday morning at YogaBee.


Jacqui is a yoga teacher from New Zealand and has been practicing yoga since 2016 when she signed up at her local gym as a way to get some exercise. She soon found it gave her much more than fitness when it helped her to have a moment of calm everyday in a very stressful part of her life. Yoga gave her time to connect with herself and she discovered an innate sense of peace and happiness through her practice.

Jacqui aims to pass on the same positive impacts of mind, body and soul as she experienced to her students. She believes anyone can do yoga, and with her background training in ballet, she has an understanding and awareness of the body that can help her students achieve their personal goals.

Having just moved to Munich after spending the last 10 years living and working in New York, London and Sydney, Jacqui quit her corporate life and began her new journey in 2018 when she completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training focusing on Yin and Yang yoga. She loves to combine the two in her classes for a well-rounded and balanced practice.

Jacqui teaches the Yin and Yang yoga class on Sunday mornings at YogaBee in English.


Discover the joy of yoga, with fun flows and variations. Jodie is known for her personable, inclusive style, and teaches with affirmations, love and intuition. From complete novices to instructors, Jodie’s classes draw a loyal following and have fun, smiling and coming back for more. As well as teaching yoga full time, Jodie also organises retreats & workshops. “You are not one drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in one drop “ Styles range from fast vinyasa to gentle, pregnancy safe flows to deep yin.

Jodie teaches the Hatha Yoga Flow class on Thursday evening as well as the Gentle Yoga class on Friday afternoon in YogaBee.  Jodie teaches in English.


Yoga serves us to discover our world. The correct alignment in the asana practice supported by the breath helps us, to create space to grow, to feel and to settle inside our bodies and souls.

A strong and flexible body improves the energy flow inside us and we feel lighter and happier.

That’s exactly what I’d like to bring into my classes: a strengthening, flowing sequence for coming closer into body and soul. The right alignment is as important as finding ease through the right breathing in challenging poses or situations. Additional to this I’d like to share my passion for philosophy, meditation and body awareness to connect our bodies with our minds.


  • International yoga teacher (500h RYA with Marion McConnell and Richard Hackenberg)
  • Further education in prenatal, kids yoga and meditation
  • Holistic food coach

Julia teaches the Vinyasa class on Sunday evening as well as the Post-Birth class on Tuesday morning in YogaBee.


Kathrin loves to help people realize their awesomeness through yoga. She strives for her students to realize the lifelong happiness and health that comes through a steady yoga practice. She has taught vinyasa, prenatal and kids yoga since 2014 in San Francisco (where she also did her 500 hours plus training with renowned teacher Jason Crandell) and brings the California sun into her classes in Munich, where she now lives.  Her classes focus on breath and body awareness, creative sequencing and hands-on adjustments. Her goal is to bring yoga to all individuals regardless of their differences and challenges.

Kathrin teaches the  Kids yoga class on Wednesday evening in YogaBee.


Geboren und aufgewachsen in München, begann Marah mit 18 Jahren die Welt zu bereisen und – aus der Welt des Tanz kommend – Yoga zu üben an Orten, wo Tanzstudios rar waren. Nach Abschluss ihres Ethnologie und Indologie Studiums zog Marah im Jahr 2012 nach Los Angeles, wo Yoga zu ihrem Lebensweg wurde. Yoga ist für sie eine Reise in die Verbundenheit mit sich selbst, anderen und der uns umgebenden Welt. Marah hat mehr als 1000 Stunden an Teacher Trainings absolviert, darunter eine 200 Stunden Ausbildung bei Patrick Broome in München sowie eine 500 Stunden Ausbildung bei YogaWorks in Los Angeles.

Marah teaches the Yoga Basic class on Wednesday evening in YogaBee.


Olesya is a yoga teacher from Russia. She has recently moved from Ecuador to Munich to start her Master’s degree in Health Science – Prevention and Health Promotion at TUM.

Olesya took her first vinyasa yoga class in 2012 while studying in New York. She was amazed how the class was the perfect combination of everything that her body and mind needed.  From that first experience with yoga, she slowly became a regular yoga practitioner and didn’t miss a single day of classes.

In 2015 Oleysa completed her 250 hr certificate program at Dnyana Yoga in Philadelphia, USA and shortly after started teaching donation-based yoga classes to support outreach initiatives at Raja Yoga Philadelphia. During this time she also started practicing Ashtanga yoga.

When in 2016 life and work brought Oleysa to Prague, Czech Republic, she wnet through a personal yoga crisis, as she was unable to fine a studio where she could continue to practice Ashtanga yoga in the morning. As a result she was motivated to develope a home practice and now believes that this was the best thing that could have happened to her as a yoga practitioner. Yoga teaches us a lot about self-discipline and how it can transform our lives.  Oleysa truly believes that one can only grow in yoga when his/her practice becomes a daily routine.

In December 2017 Olesya quit her office job in Prague and left to South America to travel and to dedicate herself to teaching yoga. She spent over a year in Cuenca, Ecuador, where she taught yoga classes as a full-time teacher. Yoga lead her down the path to self-acceptance and it aided in her personal awareness. It gave her a life line to the present moment. Today Olesya believes that her yoga practice is what brings balance to her life.

Now in Munich Oleysa looks forward to offering YogaBee students a fun yet challenging practice to help them build strength and confidence. Alignment and breath, as well as variations, are big focuses in her classes. As a dancer in the past, Olesya likes to keep her sequence “flowing”, and loves to add some “spice” to it – so you will never get bored!”


Ruth began practicing yoga after a friend took her to a Yoga class.  What a relief – she discovered a totally new world for herself. Having the feeling, that in her business life, there has been missing a deeper meaning to life in general, she found it in yoga. As a Business Psychologist, Systemical Coach and Design Thinking Coach she was used to work a lot in different consultancies, always sitting for a long time in front of the computer and rushing around from one meeting to the other one. Since practicing yoga regularly, she decided to dig deeper into the yoga philosophy and started her yoga teacher training at Yogaria (200h). For her, yoga is not about polish and perfect-looking asanas, but more about experiencing the body and the soul carefully and to listen to what they both tell you, when you have time to remain in silence on a mat. And she experiences the good days and the bad ones, but knows, that it is about embracing what is in yourself. 🙂

Ruth teaches the Hatha Yoga class on Monday morning in YogaBee.


Yoga is more than just an asana practice. Since Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences, Sanjay believes that to get the most benefit from a Yoga asana practice, one must try and incorporate all the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and live a Sattvic life and follow a Sattvic Ayurvedic diet.

Sanjay was exposed to Yoga and Ayurveda having grown up in a traditional Hindu family in Bangalore/Mysore, India. He studied engineering and lived in Boston, USA for 25 years before quitting the corporate world and moving to Munich, Germany as a freelance photographer.

In 2011, Sanjay started studying Ashtanga Yoga in Boston, USA with George Whiteside and Jean Cho. From 2012, he studied at the KPJAYI (Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute), Mysore, India under the guidance of Sri Sharath Jois, spending 3-4 months at the shala each year. In 2017,  he was authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga (KPJAYI Level 1) by Sri Sharath Jois.

Sanjay has many years of experience in Ayurvedic cooking learned from his family, self-study and his own personal experience following an Ayurvedic diet to supplement his yoga practice. He enjoys teaching Ashtanga Yoga, basic principles of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking. He has been studying the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi since 2013.

Sanjay teaches the Ashtanga Basic class on Friday at noon.  Sanjay teaches in English.



Soomi began practicing yoga in its various forms in 2008. With the desire to learn and share more about yoga, in 2010 Soomi competed the Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Certification in Korea (Yoga Alliance, 500 hours). In 2011 Soomi was introduced to Ashtanga yoga and studied under the guidance of John Scott and Manju Jois. In 2012 she began a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice, which she continues to develop through daily practice.

As a practitioner of yoga, Soomi accepts new experiences with enthusiasm and an open mind. As a teacher, she is energized and inspired and enjoys sharing what she has learned with others.

Through connecting with many other dedicated practitioners, Soomi has gained an understanding of how the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga can be experienced at all ages.

Soomi teaches the Ashtanga class on Saturday morning in YogaBee.  She teaches in English.